Assisted Living in Franklin

Southern Care is privately owned by Richard Chavez, who has operated his own senior care facilities for more than a decade.
We’ve been here in Franklin, Tennessee since 1993, providing care for hundreds of people. Nestled in a beautiful, new upscale residential setting, we offer a choice over nursing homes and large assisted living institutions. As our residents age and their needs increase, we won’t turn them out as many other institutions do. Before making a decision to place them into a nursing institution, we’ll exhaust every avenue to maintain them at Southern Care in their familiar home environment.

We encourage you to make a personal visit so you can experience first-hand the charm, grace and overall beauty of our home-like atmosphere and surroundings. A personal visit to Southern Care is the best way for you to appreciate how well our residents are cared for.

Our small town approach to senior care is a reflection of the town of Franklin itself, big enough to meet the needs of our residents, but small enough to know our residents.

Get to Know the Owner

Richard Chavez is the owner/operator of Southern Care, Inc. He has more than 23 years of hands-on experience as an owner and administrator of assisted living facilities. Richard was the administrator and part owner of Whispering Heights, a facility serving high acuity residents in the San Francisco Bay area. When Richard sold the business in 1986, he and wife Cynthia moved back to Tennessee with the dream of opening their new senior residence in Franklin. 

Richard is highly regarded in the industry and in the surrounding area. His reputation for operating his facilities in a home-like, caring atmosphere is well known among health care professionals, as well as the public at large. Southern Care is here today because of its stellar reputation and great word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied families of the residents.
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